Offer & Events

Combining the resources of AI researchers with the creative culture of a startup, our team is dedicated to enhance people life for the better while cooperating with various stakeholders . The Institute strives to inspire and enable organizations to harness the power of AI and ML in a responsible way.

To anticipate and respond to this need, we continuously strive to create a culture of innovation, creativity and confidence.

Through our scientific experts, we harness this culture and push the boundaries of algorithms to build Trust in AI.

The AI Transparency Institute is engaged in the following events/activities :

  • Special Issue on Emergency Prepardness and Response System, Frontiers, with the European Space Agency, HEC Montreal and CIRANO (Montreal),Call for Papers
  • Artificial Intelligence and Dispute Resolution (in collaboration with University of Lausanne’s LL.M Programme in International Business Law, CEDIDAC, and MIT Connection Science): Call for Papers
  • ¬†Topical Collection on AI Governance, Springer Journal on AI & Ethics: Call for Papers
  • OECD Working Group on AI Trustworthiness and on the Classification of AI Systems
  • Working Groups on AI of the Council of Europe (CAHAI) – Drafting of a feasibility study on an international convention on AI + Preparation of Impact Assessment
  • AIART Exhibition 2021 : The Symphony of Deep Layers – Art exhibition prepared by Refik Anadol with the pictures of Olivier F√∂llmi.
  • AI Trustworthiness related projects
  • Education programs

Please contact us, would you like to become a sponsor / a member of the AI Transparency Institute.