• Self-Governance :— Improve your skills on Artificial Intelligence with these Free Online Course on AI and AI Ethics designed by the University of Helsinki. Watch this Class on Digital Platform from Harvard University from  The Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society on Digital Platforms.
  • Corporate Governance and Digital Responsibility :
    • Responsible AI Index — Webapp for assessing your organization’s compliance to the Recommendations on Responsible and Trustworthy AI published by the EU Commission High-Level Expert Group 
    • Organisational Trustworthiness Index — Webapp for assessing your organization’s compliance on Sustainability, GDPR and Security
    • Corporate Digital Responsibility Index — Webapp for assessing your organization’s societal and environmental positive footprint
    • Anti-Trust Index – Webapp for assessing anti-trust behaviors to be used by regulators
  • These Digital Responsibility Index and Organisational Trusworthiness Index were prepared in the Summer 2019 and were presented at the Bright Internet Global Summit in Münich, Germany in December 2019.
  • They are aligned with the Ethos Engagement Paper on Corporate Digital Responsibility.
  • If you want to to use these Indices, please contact us.