AI Act: A Step Closer to the First Rules on AI

*The following post was originally published on the LinkedIn post of Center for AI and Digital Policy

There is some exciting news from the European Parliament on the EU AI Act.

📢 “AI Act: a step closer to the first rules on Artificial Intelligence

➡ Once approved, they will be the world’s first rules on Artificial Intelligence
➡ MEPs include bans on biometric surveillance, emotion recognition, predictive policing AI systems
➡ Tailor-made regimes for general-purpose AI and foundation models like GPT 
➡ The right to make complaints about AI systems

➡ “To ensure a human-centric and ethical development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Europe, MEPs endorsed new transparency and risk-management rules for AI systems.”

➡ “MEPs substantially amended the list to include bans on intrusive and discriminatory uses of AI systems”

➡ “Generative foundation models, like GPT, would have to comply with additional transparency requirements, like disclosing that the content was generated by AI, designing the model to prevent it from generating illegal content and publishing summaries of copyrighted data used for training.

Several recommendations from CAIDP – including bans on biometric categorization, predictive policing, and emotion recognition – were incorporated in the proposal adopted by the LIBE and IMCO committees.

To read more, please click on this link.

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