The Symphony of Deep Layers - Japan 2025

A concert series and a call for world peace

The Symphony of Deep Layers is an ode to peace. In the current geopolitical context, we want to create an event that reminds us that peace is possible and desirable, within each of us, between us, and between states.

This project is also the story of an encounter between art and science in an innovative and pioneering field: artificial intelligence (AI). By celebrating the close relationship between music and applied mathematics, we want to pay tribute to the universal and timeless nature of music. Music, like mathematics, escapes the passage of time. Sadly, the same is true of human suffering.

This concert series will be an opportunity to promote Swiss culture and music abroad by performing a world premiere of the piece ‘The Symphony of Deep Layers’ by Swiss composer Joséphine Maillefer, commissioned for the occasion. The programme will also include a piece composed using an artificial intelligence algorithm.

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