GPAI 2022 Minister’s Declaration

The Global Partnership on AI has published the GPAI 2022 Minister’s Declaration in Tokyo on November 23rd 2022. Please read the declaration here.

AI IN eHEALTH: Human Autonomy, Data Governance and Privacy in Healthcare

A new book in the Cambridge Bioethics and Law series, called AI in eHealth: Human Autonomy, Data Governance and Privacy in Healthcare is just out. It is edited by Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci, Michael Lowery Wilson, Mark Fenwick, Nikolaus Fort and Till Brnighausen. The description of the book says: “The emergence of digital platforms and the […]

EU AI Act: Final Version of the Compromise Draft

The AI Transparency Institute is pleased to share with you the final version of the compromise proposal, prepared by Czech Presidency. This document serves as basis for a possible General Approach. The Czech Presidency invites the delegations to make their final remarks, before the text is submitted to Core working group on 11 November 2022, for a discussion scheduled on 18 […]

Prof. Hodac won a prestigious grant from Confiance.AI

We would like to congratulate Prof. Marion Hodac, General Secretary of the AI Transparency Institute, for having won a prestigious from Confiance.AI, with the institute. The institute is also affiliated to the project on AI Trustworthiness.

A quick guide to the most important AI law you’ve never heard of

The European Union is planning new legislation aimed at curbing the worst harms associated with artificial intelligence. By Melissa Heikkiläarchive It’s a Wild West out there for artificial intelligence. AI applications are increasingly used to make important decisions about humans’ lives with little to no oversight or accountability. This can have devastating consequences: wrongful arrests, incorrect grades for students, […]