The Reproducibility Issues that are Haunting Health-Care AI

This technology feature published in Nature by Emily Sohn discusses how despite the rolling out of numerous AI tools for diagnosis and monitoring, their reliability is questionable. To read the full article, please click on this link.

Illustrating Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback

Language models have shown impressive capabilities in the past few years by generating diverse and compelling text from human input prompts. However, what makes a “good” text is inherently hard to define as it is subjective and context dependent. There are many applications such as writing stories where you want creativity, pieces of informative text […]

Should online targeted advertising be banned on the premise that it violates human dignity?

Luciano Floridi, Brett Frischmann and Shoshana Zuboff Scholars from various disciplines claim that online targeted advertising – the primary source of wealth accumulation for companies such as Google and Facebook – is based on an economic logic that instrumentalizes human beings as the means to someone else’s financial (and political) gain. It uses the users, […]

Algorithmic discrimination in Europe

This report investigates how algorithmic discrimination challenges the set of legal guarantees put in place in Europe to combat discrimination and ensure equal treatment. More specifically, it examines whether and how the current gender equality and non-discrimination legislative framework in place in the EU can adequately capture and redress algorithmic discrimination. It explores the gaps […]