Draft Framework Convention on AI, Human Rights, Democracy, and the Rule of Law

Draft Framework Convention on AI, Human Rights, Democracy, and the Rule of Law The Committee on AI (CAI) of the Council of Europe has drafted the Framework Convention on AI, Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law. This AI Treaty will be the first-ever legally binding international treaty that aims at regulating this unique […]

EU AI Act: Council of EU Calls for Promoting Safe AI that Respects Fundamental Rights

On 6th December 2022, the Council has adopted its common position (‘general approach’) on the Artificial Intelligence Act. Its aim is to ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) systems placed on the EU market and used in the Union are safe and respect existing law on fundamental rights and Union values. The draft regulation presented by the Commission in April 2021 […]

Council of Europe proposes ban on Facial Recognition techniques

In a press statement on January 28, 2021, the Council of Europe called for strict limits on facial recognition technologies. Furthermore, the Council stated, certain applications of facial recognition should be banned altogether to avoid discrimination. The Council cited risks to privacy and data protection. In a new set of guidelines addressed to governments, legislators and businesses, the 47-state human rights […]

First Progress Report of the Ad hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI)

On 23 September 2020, the Committee of Ministers approved the progress report ofthe Ad hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI), which sets out the work undertaken and progress towards the fulfilment of the committee’s mandate since it was established on 11 September 2019. The progress report sets out a clear roadmap for action towards a Council of Europe legal instrument based on human rights, the rule of law and democracy. Its clear relevance has also been confirmed and reinforced by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The preliminary feasibility study, providing indications on the legal framework on the design, development of artificial intelligence based on Council of Europe’s standards is expected to be examined by the CAHAI at its forthcoming third plenarymeeting in December 2020. 2021 will also be dedicated to multi-stakeholder consultations and to the finalisation of the elements of the legal framework on AI. This news article was published on the Council of Europe webpage. Read more.