Towards Generalist Biomedical AI

Towards Generalist Biomedical AI Researchers from Google DeepMind have released Med-PaLM M, which is a large multimodal generative model that flexibly encodes and interprets biomedical data including clinical language, imaging, and genomics. Abstract. Medicine is inherently multimodal, with rich data modalities spanning text, imaging, genomics, and more. Generalist biomedical artificial intelligence (AI) systems that flexibly […]

The Reproducibility Issues that are Haunting Health-Care AI

This technology feature published in Nature by Emily Sohn discusses how despite the rolling out of numerous AI tools for diagnosis and monitoring, their reliability is questionable. To read the full article, please click on this link.

Circadian Rhythms: Data-Driven Artwork by Dr. Kirell Benzi

Dr. Kirell Benzi has come up with a new data-driven artwork called “Circadian Rhythms”. He writes “The Circadian Rhythm is the daily cycle of light and dark that the body uses to keep track of time. It helps to regulate the body’s sleep-wake cycle and other important functions. The cycle is controlled by a “biological […]

AI IN eHEALTH: Human Autonomy, Data Governance and Privacy in Healthcare

A new book in the Cambridge Bioethics and Law series, called AI in eHealth: Human Autonomy, Data Governance and Privacy in Healthcare is just out. It is edited by Marcelo Corrales Compagnucci, Michael Lowery Wilson, Mark Fenwick, Nikolaus Fort and Till Brnighausen. The description of the book says: “The emergence of digital platforms and the […]

Artificial Intelligence and Accountability in Digital Health

By Eva Thelisson How to build an ecosystem of trust in digital health? The availability of large amounts of personal data, from multimodal sources, combined with AI and ML capacities, Internet of Things and strong computational platforms have the potential to transform healthcare systems in a disruptive way. The emergence of personalized medicine offers opportunities […]