AI Cannot Read Your Mind

AI Cannot Read Your Mind Authors: Visar Berisha and Pavan Turaga (Arizona State University) Can AI read your mind? That is the question on many minds these days. A recent study to be published at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2023 has been cited in popular media as evidence […]

AI and Ethics: New Special Issue is Out!

The new Special Issue on Governance and AI: Challenges for a Sustainable Digital Ecosystem has been published in Springer’s AI and Ethics journal. The special issue was jointly guest edited by Eva Thélisson, Kshitij Sharma, and Himanshu Verma. The preface of the Special Issue was written by Jan Kleijssen, Director of Information Society and Action […]

The ethical aspects of Artificial Intelligence

The last few months have been a tumultuous ride for those of us concerned about ensuring our fundamental rights are protected as the EU develops its artificial intelligence (AI) policy. While EU Commission Vice Presidents Vestager and Jourová recently committed to “proactively” combating the threat of AI systems reinforcing structural discrimination, other developments have been […]