Framework Convention on AI, Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law

Framework Convention on AI, Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law Following the first CAI (Committee on AI of the Council of Europe), reading of the revised Zero Draft, a Consolidated Working Draft of the Council of Europe Framework Convention on AI, HumanRights, Democracy and the rule of law was prepared to serve as the basis for further negotiations. To read the full working […]

The AI Act: Promoting Safe AI That Respects Fundamental Rights

The Council of EU has adopted its common position (‘general approach’) on the Artificial Intelligence Act. Its aim is to ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) systems placed on the EU market and used in the Union are safe and respect existing law on fundamental rights and Union values. The draft regulation presented by the Commission in April 2021 is a […]

Should online targeted advertising be banned on the premise that it violates human dignity?

Luciano Floridi, Brett Frischmann and Shoshana Zuboff Scholars from various disciplines claim that online targeted advertising – the primary source of wealth accumulation for companies such as Google and Facebook – is based on an economic logic that instrumentalizes human beings as the means to someone else’s financial (and political) gain. It uses the users, […]

Getting the Future Right: AI and Fundamental Rights

New technologies have profoundly changed how we organise and live our lives. In particular, new data-driven technologies have spurred the development of artificial intelligence (AI), including increased automation of tasks usually carried out by humans. The COVID-19 health crisis has boosted AI adoption and data sharing – creating new opportunities, but also challenges and threats […]