EU AI Act Compliance Journey

The EU AI Act is intended to regulate the development, supply and use of AI systems and AI systems for general purposes in the EU. Operators, including providers and installers, must demonstrate compliance with the applicable requirements before placing such systems on the market or offering services.

The appliedAI Institute for Europe aims to support individuals across the AI ecosystem to achieve compliance with minimal investment of time and resources, so that attention and expertise can be focused on promoting trustworthy AI innovation.

Goal of our EU AI Act Compliance journey

The Compliance Journey is a “map” that makes it easier to navigate through the AI Act, as all phases and decision points can be seen at a glance in the flowchart. It is particularly helpful when approaching the AI Act and building up knowledge about it. The Compliance Journey should be seen as a blueprint and we welcome critical feedback so that we can continue to develop it further.

What are the benefits of the Compliance Journey?

  • Simplicity: Analyze the EU AI (end-to-end) Act at a glance.
  • Speed: Familiarize yourself with the AI Act faster through targeted reading.
  • Clarity: Understand what to expect next through the clear phases and steps.
  • Focus: Ask better questions because the context of certain requirements is easier to understand.
  • Dialogue: Use the Journey as a reference during discussions and talk about the “same thing”.

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Image credit: Image by mindandi on Freepik

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