EU AI Act Compliance Matrix

Author: IAPP Principal Researcher, Privacy Law and Policy, Müge Fazlioglu CIPP/E, CIPP/US

This resource is intended to aid in compliance with the EU AI Act by providing
a high-level overview of its keys requirements for organizations. This table
illustrates the articles of the EU AI Act that apply to each operator across
three broad classes: high-risk AI systems, AI systems and general-purpose
AI models. The checkmarks indicate the operators to which the article is of
primary relevance, recognizing it may still be applicable or relevant to others
not explicitly referenced. The analysis herein is based on the corrected text
of EU AI Act released in April 2024. View a more in-depth version of this
resource at

Please click on this link to read the full article, and click here to read the full compliance matrix.

Image credit: Image by macrovector on Freepik

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