The EU AI Act and its Potential Impact on Enterprises Harnessing the Power of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems have been widely adopted across sectors as well as applications. Accordingly, regulatory frameworks aimed at addressing and governing risks associated with these systems have followed the same trends.

The most prominent and comprehensive example of such a framework is the European Union’s (EU) ongoing work on a regulation harmonising rules applicable to AI systems throughout its 27 member states, also known as the EU AI Act

Although the EU AI Act’s final details are currently being debated by European lawmakers ahead of an expected implementation date by the end of 2023, the Act is set to affect the whole AI ecosystem. Consequently, this has sparked a debate as well as an incentive for early commitment to its principles in the industry. 

This blog post gives an overview of the impact that the EU AI Act is set to have on enterprises using AI and how to prepare for compliance.

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Image credit: Image by on Freepik

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