The Federal Council sets the foundations for Switzerland’s digital transformation

The Digital Switzerland Strategy sets the guidelines for Switzerland’s digital transformation (see Ordinance on the Coordination of the Digital Transformation and ICT Steering in the Federal Administration). It is binding for the Federal Administration and serves as an orientation for all other stakeholders involved in digitalisation.


Switzerland consistently prioritises digital offerings for the benefit of all people, regardless of gender, age or origin (digital first). It makes targeted use of the opportunities offered by sustainable digital transformation so that everyone benefits in the long run. Switzerland is one of the most digitally competitive and innovative countries in Europe.

Definition «Digital First»

Under ‘digital first’, digital solutions are prioritised whenever possible and wherever practical. If necessary, non-digital solutions are also offered. A distinction is therefore made between ‘digital first’ and the ‘digital only’ principle, which relies exclusively on digital solutions.


The aim is for the population as a whole to benefit from a digital transformation that is responsible and sustainable (ecologically, economically and socially). This is being driven forward jointly by the authorities at all federal levels, as well as by stakeholders from civil society, business, academia and politics.

Under focus themes, the Federal Council identifies two to three priorities each year as a way of launching digital transformation themes. This focus is complemented by the action plan, which provides an overview of activities in the area of digital transformation for the general public. In contrast to the annually changing focus themes, the vision and domains remain stable over several years.

The Digital Switzerland Strategy provides a framework in the sense of an umbrella strategy for the Digital Federal Administration Strategy, the Swiss eGovernment Strategy and various other sectoral strategies. It also helps Switzerland to achieve its climate and environmental goals and the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Digitalisation remains the responsibility of all relevant specialist organisations, which have the lead in implementing the measures.

Please click on these links to read the press release from the Federal Council (in French) and also the digital strategy.

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