TTC Joint Roadmap for Trustworthy AI and Risk Management

The EU and U.S. is seeking input on the list of key AI terms essential to understanding risk-based approaches to AI, along with their EU and U.S. interpretations and shared EU-U.S. definitions that was released as part of the Fourth TTC Ministerial in May 2023. Comments are especially requested on the completeness, relevance and correctness of the definitions.

The terminology was developed by the members of the Working Group 1 of the AI Roadmap: Gry Hasselbalch ( – International outreach for a human-centric approach to artificial intelligence), Irina Orssich (DG CNECT, European Commission), Andrea Renda (Trade and Technology Dialogue), Reva Schwartz (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Elham Tabassi (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

The EU-US TTC Joint Roadmap aims to advance shared terminologies and taxonomies, but also to inform our approaches to AI risk management and trustworthy AI on both sides of the Atlantic.

The roadmap will help to build (as a next step) a common repository of metrics for measuring AI trustworthiness and risk management methods.  It also holds the potential to inform and advance collaborative approaches in international standards bodies related to Artificial Intelligence.

Please click on this link to read the full roadmap.

Image credit: Image by pressfoto on Freepik

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