U.S. government discloses more than 700 AI use cases as Biden administration promises regulation

This article, co-authored by Madison Alder and Rebecca Heilweil, for FedScoop, reports on the disclosure by the Biden administration of more than 700 AI use cases among the US federal agencies.

The U.S. government has disclosed more than 700 artificial intelligence use cases among federal agencies, according to a new database uploaded to the AI.gov website. 

This consolidated database, which is a compilation of individual postings from agencies, comes as the Biden administration promises to beef up regulation of AI, including through an upcoming executive order and new Office of Management and Budget guidance for the federal government. 

The database provides the most comprehensive look at the government’s use of the budding technology to date. The inventories, which were required as part of a 2020 Trump administration executive order, have so far varied widely in terms of completion, formatting, timing and information reported, as tech policy researchers — particularly at Stanford — and FedScoop reporting have found.

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