AI Transparency Institute @ AMLD’24

On behalf of the AI Transparency Institute, Eva Thelisson expresses her gratitude to C4DT for inviting the AI Transparency Institute to participate in the workshop “AI Safety: The Quest to Making AI Human-Centric, Trustworthy, and Safe” at the Applied Machine Learning Days (AMLD) 2024 in Lausanne.

In her talk, titled, “A quest for an Economy of Life: the AI Dilemna”, Eva presented the notion of Economy of Life and how it applies to AI Safety. Introduced by Jacques Attali after the COVID-19 pandemic, Economy of Life refers to an economy of care and an economy of attention – not the same attention that digital platforms seek to maximize, i.e., the attention of their users, but the attention of organizations and researchers to the well-being and interests of users in terms of safety, security, and quality of life AI based products and services.

The Economy of Life principles are at the core of the CareAI Indices (conformity assessment tools) developed by the AI Transparency Institute and also presented at the workshop. They complement international efforts to develop AI governance mechanisms to promote safe, trustworthy and sustainable AI. They provide a mechanism to assess different components such as privacy, security, resilience and different dimensions related to AI Safety. Eva also highlighted the key role of market-driven tools, such as rating agencies and quality labels, in addition to regulatory and enforcement mechanisms. The objective is to create a virtuous circle that benefits all stakeholders.

Image credit: Image by Freepik

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