Portrait of Prof. Ho-Dac, winner of SHS AMI with the CDEP, University of Artois

Marion Ho-Dac is a professor of private law at the University of Artois and a member of the Centre for Ethical Law and Procedures (CDEP UR 2471). This year, she is in delegation to the Academy of International Affairs NRW in Bonn (Germany) where she conducts research on the European governance of artificial intelligence. To read the […]

Defining the scope of AI regulations

Jonas Schuett has published a paper titled “Defining the scope of AI regulations” in the journal of Law, Innovation & Technology. According to Jonas, “The paper argues that the material scope of AI regulations should not rely on the term “artificial intelligence”, mainly because existing AI definitions don’t meet the requirements for legal definitions (e.g. […]

Nine Cities Set Standards for Transparent use of AI

Nine cities, cooperating through the Eurocities network, have developed a free to use open-source ‘data schema’ for algorithm registers in cities. The data schema, which sets common guidelines on the information to be collected on algorithms and their use by a city, supports the responsible use of AI and puts people at the heart of […]

The AI Act: Promoting Safe AI That Respects Fundamental Rights

The Council of EU has adopted its common position (‘general approach’) on the Artificial Intelligence Act. Its aim is to ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) systems placed on the EU market and used in the Union are safe and respect existing law on fundamental rights and Union values. The draft regulation presented by the Commission in April 2021 is a […]

GPAI 2022 Minister’s Declaration

The Global Partnership on AI has published the GPAI 2022 Minister’s Declaration in Tokyo on November 23rd 2022. Please read the declaration here.